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High quality vinyl products for finishing facades

We use vinyl for finishing the facade


Gold Hous Company is one of the best in the West Coast of California for installing vinyl facades of any building. Our main task is to fulfill two basic requirements for customers. The first requirement is to protect the design of the provisioning of adverse external effects of the environment and home decoration. A second requirement to satisfy all the desires of the client.


Original facade ideas for your home.


In our arsenal there are two types of facade (dry and wet). For example, dry wall systems are installed without building materials. All elements of our facade fastened with nails, dowels, screws and other things. A fixture wet facade systems have a different kind of mixes. What is in the construction of the wet vinyl facades? On the wall of your home insulation is mounted on top of a heater reinforcing mesh, then the fixing anchor and stucco exterior.


Based on this, your house is warm and cozy, providing your health during the cold period. We have facades of different colors and sizes, after rainy weather color vinyl facades retain their quality for what it was originally. Vinyl facade will not rot, have rust, decay, it consists of PVC components, allowing you to face the challenges that the customer wants to have.


Why choose our company:

  • Highly qualified specialists;
  • Durable material that will not require maintenance;
  • Lifetime Warranty;
  • Tens of thousands of customers were satisfied;
  • Working more than 15 years, during which he gained experience and confidence of millions of customers.
  • Complete consultation and to learn more, you can call (424) 256-4980.



Installation of vinyl siding


Finishing the front of the house with vinyl siding


Siding is a practical and durable material that allows you to very quickly transform the appearance of absolutely any structure. Of course, it is impossible to repair the rickety walls with the help of this technology, but to protect the facade from negative external impact is more than real, since it does not lose its attractiveness for many years of operation.


Siding installation: trust professionals


It is worth remembering that, despite the apparent simplicity, it is not everyone who is able to wall the house with vinyl panels. Specialists of the company Gold Hous are sure that only qualified professionals can do this work qualitatively.


Siding has many nuances and should include:


1. Competent creation of the project and estimate documentation for individual measurements and in full accordance with the wishes of the owner of the house.

2. Ordering the required quantity of high quality finishing materials,

3. Storage of material according to technological requirements (in conditions of low humidity with observance of the temperature regime, far from direct sunlight).

4. Preparation of the facade, installation of the crate, installation of vinyl siding with the strictest observance of requirements.

5. Delivery of the finished project to the customer, and signing of guarantee obligations.


Siding can be used for houses made of brick, aerated concrete, wood and any other material. At the request of the customer, vinyl paneling on the basement floor can be finished. All necessary materials will be provided by the company Gold Hous.


We work honestly and transparently, all the relationships between the customer and the executor are documented. The cost of work and materials is fixed, appreciation is impossible without making adjustments to the project.


Vinyl siding and related accessories, including insulation, are purchased from official representatives of manufacturing companies, which guarantees their authenticity and gives an opportunity to offer customers minimum prices.

Great work experience, a lot of positive feedback and photos of completed projects, as well as not one complaint for all time, can guarantee the durability and reliability of the design.


At your request we will install the siding with the facade insulation and we work with a heater of different types: roll foil, as a budget inexpensive option, extruded polystyrene foam, as cheap and practical, mineral and basalt wool as a classic option.


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