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Catalog of vinyl products from PVC

It is always nice to see beautifully designed private houses and plots.

We offer a wide range of vinyl products for decorating your home and territory in Los Angeles, Orange County, California. Please take a few minutes from your time to look around and see our products, which we offer or can offer.

High-quality and durable materials

Vinyl is quickly becoming a widespread solution for replacing brittle, rotten or fragile fencing. This material is an affordable and inexpensive number of applications. Our products have a very high demand throughout California. Our customers agree that products of this kind are an excellent choice for fencing, facade, arbours, or other similar needs. If you were interested in our vinyl materials, and you need to clarify something, please use our contact information, leave a request and we will contact you.

Advice of the master Gold Hous

The advice of a knowledgeable person is always appreciated, and especially in such an area as construction. The emergence of newest modern construction technologies, the improvement of equipment and tools, the abundance of construction and finishing materials - an inexperienced person to understand everything independently is incredibly difficult. And sometimes you have to seek advice from friends and acquaintances. The right decision will be to ask advice from professionals, qualified advice and helpful advice which will help make a reasonable and right choice.


You can always count on us and our quality!

Our services of vinyl products

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The company offers services for the assembly of vinyl fencing, vinyl fences, picket fences, and much more at low prices on the west coast of California.

Our vinyl doors are made 100% from the compounds of components made of PVC, which can withstand all weather conditions, blistering, peeling, rust, rot and corrosion.

Our company is Gold Hous is the main leader in the West Coast of California to install beautiful, durable vinyl gazebos.

Our company is Gold Hous is the best source in the West coast of California on a beautiful, durable and competitively priced vinyl patio.


The first requirement is to protect the design of the provisioning of adverse external effects of the environment and home decoration.

We are the best choice in the West Coast of California for vinyl flooring, creating an open and attractive world in your dvore.Nash vinyl decking is 100% PVC components.


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